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CG2-11 Magnetic pipe gas cutter

It is convenient to operate the “CG2-11”. It can cut pipes, the diameters of which are above 100mm. It is used in many fields such as ship, mechanism, electric, petroleum industry and so on.This machine is a advanced pipe gas cutter. It has impacted structure, light weight and can cut continuously.

1. Body

8.Thermal baffle:To prevent heat to diffuse into the inner of machine.

2 .Cross feeding hand wheel

   To adjust horizontal position of torch.

9.Two-port valve:To adjust the flow.

3. Hoses:Connect them to gas distributor. There are three hoses: preheating oxygen hose, fuel gas hose and cutting oxygen hose.

10.Gas distributor:Gases are: preheating oxygen, fuel gas and cutting oxygen.

11 Speed regulating knob:Decrease the speed along “10” toward “0” anti-clockwise.


5. Adjusting hand wheel of torch

12.Plug seat


13.Magnetic roller wheel:The two magnetic roller wheels can make the machine walk along pipe wall smoothly.

7.Reversing switch:To change the direction of machine. “STOP” position is in the middle.